2013 – ongoing

analogue photography

Found photo album’s pictures, C-Prints & Silver Gelatin Prints | unique

Photo + graphy: et. from greek phōtós (genitive) of light + gráphō, I write”, together  meaning “drawing with light”

Post-photographic project  based on my photo collection of unknown people lying out in the sun.

By leaving these pictures in the sun I’m able to decolorize them.

Following the naïve realism approach of amateur photography, this photo installation reflects on light as an agent that both enables and destroys the photographic image.

This site-specific photo installation varies in size and form depending on the exhibition context.

These pictures document the site-specific installation in a neoclassical chapel at the cemetery dels Caputxins Mataró (Barcelona, 2015) and the wall installation at Galerie Wedding Berlin (2016).