EINMAL IST KEINMAL at El Sario, UPNA in Pamplona, Mapamundistas 2019


2019, analogue photography

The German proverb einmal ist keinmal means  just once doesn’t count

Einmal ist keinmal  is a golden rule of the photography: take two pictures! – just in case…

This photo installation displays about 350 found photoalbum’s pictures and other items of the history of photography reflecting on the idea of  photography as dupication and mirror of the reality. Across a line of 33 meters are featured  collections of vernacular pictures dealing with twins, copies and mirrors. The installation analyses the genealogy of the mirror as a paradigma for the photographic image and its commonly extended realistic canon.

The exhibition is activated with guided tours throught it  by twins. The artist gives a private exhibition tour for the twins and they reproduce it to the audience, talking also about their experience of being twins and the mirror effect phenomenon.