LA FOTO ETERNA at EAC Montevideo (Uruguay) as part of the group show Sobreexposición, 2017


2016 – ongoing

photo porcelain

The Eternal Photo investigates modes of representation and funerary uses of photography in the Greco-Latin culture. It explores the image charged with representing a deceased person for “eternity”, that is to say, the lapidary photo, the eternal photo, the photo selected to be exhibited in the cemetery, the porcelain photo medallion that, having used the most durable photographic technique, resists the weathering andminclemencies of the sun, guaranteeing lifelong permanence.

By analogue times, Barthes and Kracauer note that photography comes tautologically associated with memory and symbolically with death. All photography is a promise of eternity; it kills us to outlive us. The photograph, as a luminous trace, immortalizes us in an instant for posterity. Following this reasoning, the ceramic portrait employed in cemeteries of our Greco-Latin cultures seems to be a final logical consequence of the analogue age: the photograph as memory, death, eternity, as image-material that endures in the cemetery, representing to us our body that is vanishing.

LA FOTO ETERNA #retouching Series at Rocaumbert, Granollers, 2019