General Terms and Conditions of Nephogram

These Terms and Conditions govern the conditions in which you may access and use Nephogram. By using Nephogram, you accept the following General Terms and Conditions. Those users who do not agree with the General Terms and Conditions should stop using the app immediately.

Main Features

Nephogram is an app to calculate and reduce the carbon footprint of digital photos we share on social media.

Nephogram is an art project by Andrés Galeano.

Use of the Nephogram application

You are entirely responsible for the content you share, and Nephogram will not be considered responsible for said content.

Limitation of Liability

You acknowledge having been informed and accept the fact that under no circumstance whatsoever shall Nephogram be liable for the creation, modification, or suppression of your personal data, which is your full responsibility. Your use of Nephogram is at your own risk. Under no circumstance whatsoever shall Nephogram be liable for any direct or indirect damages, in particular material prejudice, data loss or financial prejudice related to the access or use of this application. You are entirely responsible for any damage caused to your smartphone or for any data loss that may incur as a result of the use of the application.

In no event shall Nephogram be liable for the accuracy of the results obtained through the use of Nephogram’s software. Nephogram shall by no means be responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may incur as a result of the use of the application.

Any information provided by the Nephogram app is for general informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide perfection. We provide it in good faith, seeking to provide accurate information, but are not responsible if that attempt fails.

Users’ Rights and Obligations

The contents of this app are protected under literary and artistic property law, the Bern Convention, EU directive 96/9/CE. All reproductions other than for the personal use of users of the app, notably with a view to publication in any form, are strictly forbidden without the express written permission of the artist Andrés Galeano.

Users are responsible for their interpretation and use of the information consulted, and for the data they provide on forms included in the app. They are bound by the prevailing rules and regulations.

Intellectual Property Rights

No element of the Nephogram application shall be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, downloaded, distorted, transmitted or distributed, howsoever done, partially or integrally, without the written and prior authorization of the artist Andrés Galeano, except for strict use required for the needs of the press, and provided that the intellectual property rights and any other mentioned property rights are being respected.

© 2023, Nephogram, Andrés Galeano, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn. All rights reserved.
The content and information you post using Nephogram belong to you. You guarantee that the content and information you publish using Nephogram do not infringe any third parties’ rights, such as, but not limited to, any intellectual property rights or privacy rights.

Personal Data

The Nephogram application does not collect, use or share user data. The application does not use ads or any third-party service. The information you provide to Nephogram remains on your phone, is never transmitted and is used solely for carbon calculations.