EL CANTO DE LOS PÁJAROS, Espai f, Mataró (Barcelona), 2011


6 channel video installation, 2011

These videos are based on onomatopoeic transcriptions written by the Federación Ornitológica Cultural Silvestrista Española (Spanish Cultural Wildlife Ornithological Federation) which depict the singing standard of different caged birds. These onomatopoeic transcriptions are used in Spanish bird singing competitions to value the singing mastery of caged birds like the European Goldfinch, the Citril Finch, the Harzer Roller canary, the Spanish Timbrado canary, the Malinois Waterlager canary, the Serin, the Linnet, etc. In these videos I read the phonetic code of the singing of several domestic birds and through acceleration my voice becomes singing, a strange human-bird singing.


El canto del canario Harzer Roller, 4:3, 1:52 min.(loop)
(The song of the Harzer Roller Canary)
El canto del Ruiseñor, 4:3, 2:52 min.(loop)
(The song of the Nightingale)
El canto del Verdecillo, 4:3, 2:57 min.(loop)
(The song of the Serin)
El canto del Pardillo, 4:3, 1:38 min.(loop)
(The song of the Linnet)
El canto del canario Timbrado Español, 4:3, 3:03 min.(loop)
(The song of the Spanish Timbrado canary)
El canto del canario Malinois Waterlager, 4:3 1:55 min. (loop)
(The song of the Malinois Waterlager canary)